Cloud computing has become the new hype in ICT platform over the last few years. In Malaysia, deploying cloudbased ICT solutions has become the most important trend and is expected to reach from US$ 43 million in 2012 to about US $900 million by 2020. However, cloud market in Malaysia is not yet mature, but is growing at a rapid pace. In the recently-released 2014 Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) by the Asia Cloud Computing Association, Malaysia ranked at the eighth position. Only Singapore scored relatively well in the ASEAN region, taking the fourth place. According to the survey, both Malaysia and Singapore showed resilience and tenacity to keep their countries’ innovation policies fresh and up-to-date.

Despite the fact that more organizations are slowly moving to the Cloud, there are still some concerns that will have to be addressed like the cost of moving to the cloud, keeping data secured in the cloud, overcoming data ownership issues and the integration of different clouds.
After four successful summits, our 5th Information Security Summit – Spotlight on Cloud aims to debunk the issues with cloud to provide a realistic view on cloud computing and to redefine its value to business.

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