We were accorded with the following awards / recognitions mainly from our Principles in recognition of our sales achievements:

Top PPS Services Commercial Partner

Hewlett-Packard Limited2017, 2016, 2012

Awards / Recognitions Awarding Party year

HP PC Managed Services Partner

HP PPS Sales Sdn Bhd 2022

Candefero Diversity and Inclusion Partner of the year Award

Canalys Forums APAC 2020 2020

USD3 Million Dollar Achiever Award

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2019,2018, 2016

Best Growth Commercial Partner

Lenovo Group Limited 2018/2019

Top HPS Printer Commercial Partner

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2018

Top Commercial Desktop Partner – Public Sector

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2018/2019, 2017, 2016

Top Laser Jet Printer Commercial Partner (Public Sector)

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2017

Best of Commercial Partner

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2017

Top Performance Enterprise Partner (PC Group – Commercial)

Lenovo Group Limited 2015/2016

Top Performance Notebook Partner in Public Sector

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2016

Sin Chew Business Excellence Award

Sin Chew Daily 2014

HP PPS Most Valuable Customer Program Specialist

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2013

HP PPS Managed Print Specialist

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2013

Million Dollar Award (Outstanding PPS Achievement of USD 1 million)

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2013

IPG Commercial Partner Platinum

Hewlett-Packard Limited 2016

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