Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure


Investment Holding



Trading, repairing and servicing of computers and related parts and accessories



Provision of Information and communication technology solutions, management of investment schemes as well as leasing and factoring facilities services



Dormant. Intended to provide ICT financing services



Engaged in the business of information technologies, cloud solutions and cloud consultancy

Incorporation and History

We are an ICT solutions provider based in Malaysia. We rent, lease and trade ICT solutions to private corporations, as well as Channel Partners and Strategic Partners for their onward rental or lease of ICT solutions to their customers in the government sector. Further, we also provide maintenance and technical support services to our customers to support the use of our ICT solutions.

Our history can be traced back to 2000, when our Managing Director/CEO, Lim Kok Kwang and our Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman, Datuk Seri Ng Thien Phingincorporated ICT Zone Holding (then known as NTP World Marketing Sdn Bhd). At the time, ICT Zone Holding was involved in the trading of audio-visual equipment to private corporations.

ICT Zone was subsequently incorporated in 2001 by our Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman, Datuk Seri Ng Thien Phing and another shareholder. ICT Zone remained dormant until 2003, when our Managing Director/CEO, Lim Kok Kwang and ICT Zone Holding became shareholders. ICT Zone commenced its business in the trading and short-term rental of ICT hardware (such as computers, laptops, printers, projectors and related peripheral devices) and software (such as operating system and application software). Our customers at the time were mostly private corporations and retail consumers.

In 2004, we began to secure sales from Channel Partners for their onward sale or rental to end-user customers in the government sector. We secured our first order from Starza Corporation Sdn Bhd, a Channel Partner to the end-user customer in the government sector in 2004. We later secured sales from other Channel Partners in subsequent years. As volume from our trading of ICT solutions segment grew, we were recognised as an Appointed Reseller by one of the Principals (whom which we obtain our supplies of ICT hardware), Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn Bhd, in 2009.

Realising the opportunities in the ICT solution long-term rental business, we began to venture into the long-term rental of ICT solutions. In order to facilitate this, ICT Zone Ventures was incorporated to establish, manage and operate ICT Zone Ventures Scheme in 2010. The ICT Zone Ventures Scheme provided us with the capital to finance and support the long-term rental of ICT solutions. In the same year, some of our Channel Partners, namely Starza Corporation Sdn Bhd, Juricco Holding Sdn Bhd (then known as Belia Wawasan Holding Sdn Bhd) and Haynik Holding Sdn Bhd (then known as Haynik Mobile Venture Sdn Bhd), became our Strategic Partners when we signed strategic partnership agreements to provide us with the exclusive rights to finance, supply and deliver ICT solutions to end-user customers in the government sector.

Our first interest scheme, i.e. Interest Scheme 1 was launched in 2011 (details of Interest Scheme 1 are as elaborated in Section 2.1.2 of this Information Memorandum). Approximately RM2.1 million of investments were received through the Interest Scheme 1 in the first year. In 2012, we converted our Interest Scheme 1 from a conventional interest scheme to a Shariah-compliant interest scheme.

We later began leasing ICT hardware and software when we were registered with Bank Negara Malaysia to offer leasing and factoring services under Section 21(1) of the Financial Institution Act 1989 in 2013. In order to raise more capital to facilitate our leasing business segment, we launched Interest Scheme 2, a Shariah-compliant interest scheme, in 2014 (details of Interest Scheme 2 are as elaborated in Section 2.1.2 of this Information Memorandum). Interest Scheme 2 raised RM70,000 in investments in the first year.

As the volume of ICT hardware and software we rented, leased and traded increased, we were appointed by other Principals, including Dell Inc. and Lenovo Group Limited as their Appointed Resellers in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Our investments raised from ICT Zone Ventures Scheme also grew, providing us with greater capital to secure more rental and leasing contracts over the years. The year-to-date cumulative investments raised as at 1 January 2019 was RM27.6 million for Interest Scheme 1 and RM6.5 million for Interest Scheme 2.

ICT Zone Asia was setup in 2019 to consolidate our business under the ICT Zone Asia Group. ICT Zone, ICT Zone Ventures and Techfin Capital (currently a dormant company) were acquired on 22 November 2019.