ICT Zone Ventures Bhd is a subsidiary of ICT Zone Asia Bhd, an investment holding company that was set up in 2019.

We are principally engaged in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Equipment Leasing & Rental Business to both government & corporate sectors since 28th January 2010. We also provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions as well as leasing and factoring facilities services for all.

In 2011, we tapped into the potential of ICT Equipment Leasing and Rental business and set up an investment opportunity – ICT Zone Ventures Scheme which became the first ICT Interest Scheme approved by Malaysian government and regulated by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

In January 2013, ICT Zone Ventures Bhd had successfully registered as a Leasing and Factoring Company under Bank Negara, governed under the Financial Services Act 2013. ICT Zone Ventures’ recognition was established when as we won the prestigious award on 19th September 2014 from Sin Chew Daily for the category of Young and Emerging Excellent Business Award.

We believe our understanding of the Malaysian ICT leasing has provided us with a strong footing as we now strive to embark beyond Malaysia via our parent company ICT Zone Asia Berhad to proudly fly the Malaysian flag overseas with our home-grown ICT leasing company.